About us

Based in Vancouver, BC, Blueprint is one of the largest lifestyle, concerts and events companies in western Canada – dedicated to providing the best in entertainment. Always at the forefront of entertainment culture, Blueprint, founded by Alvaro Prol, Bill Kerasiotis and Chris Kerasiotis offers an impressive scale of nightclubs, over 250 blow out dance events annually, along with a boundless array of pubs and liquor stores.

With Blueprint, the entertainment experience truly begins ‘at the ticket’ and extends through every aspect including service, music, food and beverage, talent and events. The management group is built on a strong foundation of skilled staff that are leaders in their field of expertise. These employees are in avenues such as accounting, security, graphic design, talent booking, marketing, and event planning and product development allowing us to seamlessly take on new projects ensuring we have a solid team behind us. With a relentless focus on current & upcoming trends and an unparalleled passion for detail, Blueprint’s goal is to continue producing the best in entertainment and lifestyle culture in Vancouver and beyond.